2017 Solar Eclipse


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During a cross country trip, this was the only thing we had a set time we had to be somewhere for. Everything leading up to that point the day before was EXTREMELY stressful. I threw up a little at one point because my nerves were a mess, I had ordered a filter and mount to shoot the eclipse and had it sent to a friends house in Washington. I didn’t arrive there until after the Post Office was already closed and my friends had only received the filter, and not the mount. So I had to get a little crafty and wound up using shipping tape and taped it to the lens. I got about two hours of sleep and woke up at 7 to get somewhere and get ready. We had slept in a park, and when we woke up there were people everywhere. So we decided to stay there in the little park in Oregon called John Neal Memorial State Park. The energy that filled that place when the totality happened was unexplainable, I have goosebumps just thinking about it right now. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so amazed.

This photo was taken in August 21, 2017

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