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I have wanted to go to this place for years. I finally made it but it took a lot of a terrible, rocky, sometimes cliff-side, narrow, mountain road to get 3 miles away from it. Where probably a quarter mile of the valley was filled with snow and ripped apart trees from an avalanche slide, so we decided to park and hike because there was no way of getting a vehicle over/around/through/anywhere but back. After a mile of hiking we came across yet another avalanche slide that covered an entire bend in the valley and the river flowing right underneath of it as strong as ever from all the snow melt. About another mile and a half, YOU GUESSED IT, another avalanche! This one being the largest of the three, pushed so far up the opposite side of the valley, pushing all the trees down in its path. You could never picture these kinds of things without seeing them, HUGE mountains on both sides of you, the avalanche tears everything apart in its path, down the entire mountain and even up the other side. Full size trees, literally shredded, I found a piece that was almost identical to a 10 foot 2×4 (a little less smooth obviously). Pieces of tree branches and so many bundles of pine tree stems that it almost looks like a hill with green grass and broken trees. It’s incredible to see the force of nature. After that we finally made it, and it was so much more captivating than pictures ever made it look, I had a hard time leaving.

This photo was taken in May of 2019

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